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Why Does the Government Ignore Our Wishes?
September 2009 -

Help Keep the Election Reform Movement and the Peace Movement Alive
February 2008 -

Virginia's Elections Are UNCONSTITUTIONAL?!?!
February 2008 -

Another Open Letter to Senator John Edwards: It's Not Over Until the Votes are Cast and Counted!
February, 2008 -

What Would Martin Luther King Do?
January, 2008 -

Democrats Pass on Challenge to Secret Vote Counting in South Carolina by Michael Collins
January, 2008 - Scoop
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Appeal to Edwards - Take a Stand for Voting Rights by Michael Collin
January, 2008 - Scoop
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An Open Letter to Senator John Edwards: The Constitution Prohibits Secret Vote Counting!  Will You Take Action?
January, 2008 -
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South Carolina Elections Are UNCONSTITUTIONAL!?!
January, 2008 -
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with Mark Adams

Voting System Reform Rally in Tallahassee with Bill Faulkner and Mark Adams
March, 2007

St. Petersburg Peace Rally with John Russell and Mark Adams on why we are still at war when the vast majority of Americans are against it.
March, 2007

FCC Hearing in Tampa with Mark Adams

E-voting Vendor Blocks Security Audit With Legal Threats

New Jersey election officials have scrapped plans for an independent audit of Union County voting machines because the vendor, Sequoia Voting Systems, says that unauthorized third-party security reviews would violate the county's license agreement. Sequoia threatened the county with legal action when it learned that election officials were planning to send the machines to a respected Princeton University computer scientist for analysis.
Articles on "Not So Super Tuesday" 3/4/2008

Big City Vote Counting Obama’s NYC "Lost" Votes No Surprise by Michael Collins
US Primary Voting Oddities: Democracy As A Train Wreck by Alastair Thompson and Catherine Austin Fitts
Did Someone Just Buy All the Votes in Texas & Ohio? by Catherine Austin Fitts

More Election Fraud News and Articles by Micheal Collins at

New Hampshire Optical Scan Machines Violate Federal Law

We The People Foundation has just completed its analysis of the New Hampshire recount. Our principal findings are as follows. New Hampshire’s vote counting machines violate federal accuracy standards. New Hampshire’s machines experienced an error rate approximately 163 times greater than the error rate allowed under federal Election Law.

Project Vote Count in the News

As people showed up to vote in the 2008 primary, we raised people's awareness about secret vote counting. The local media outlets also paid attention and reported favorably about our efforts:

Mar 5, The Evening Leader Exit Poll Workers Prompt Phone Calls
Feb 7, Broward-Palm Beach Times Tally Against The Machine
Feb 6, Brandon News & Tribune Voters' Disconnect From Election Process Is No 'Vituality'
Feb 4, Florida Voters Sign Sworn Statements as to How They Voted

Ron Paul Missing from Ballot in Rockland County, New York

"Ron Paul was missing from the ballot at my designated polling place at 6 Lee Avenue Stony Point, NY 10980 in Rockland County NY. Upon mentioning this to the poll workers they proceeded to tell me several times that "He dropped out". The headquarters reported that their phone was off the hook with reports that poll workers were falsely notifying people that Ron Paul had dropped out."

A New York State of Election Fraud for Ron Paul

"It's not hard to live in A New York State of Election Fraud when the candidate whom you are campaigning for is Ron Paul.  It's not that hard for someone to start an ugly rumor, "Ron Paul has dropped out of the race" and get away with it on Primary Day in New York when you have the likes of the New York Times, New York Newsday, the New York Post, the Daily News and the Wall Street Journal ignoring your candidate as if he did not exist."

Virginia Constitution Prohibits Secret Vote Counting

It's true, it was discovered that yet another state was found to have language in their constitution prohibiting secret vote counting (computers) before their primary election has been held. Read my Second Open Letter to John Edwards on A comment to it by a well known election integrity advocate who has handled more Congressional election contests than any other current or former attorney spells out how any Presidential candidate on the ballot or any voter in Virginia can take legal action.

Virginia Constitution Article II, Section 3 "Secrecy in casting votes shall be maintained, except as provision may be made for assistance to handicapped voters, but the ballot box or voting machine shall be kept in public view and shall not be opened, nor the ballots canvassed nor the votes counted, in secret."

Virginia State Board of Elections – About us "Every government that taxes us, regulates our activity, protects us, or comes to our assistance in our hour of need is established upon building blocks of individual voters’ votes. The bedrock of representative government is the election. Anytime we wonder about the importance of voting, voting rights or the laws that protect those rights, we need only look back 40 or so years at the civil rights movement, and what black Americans went through then to gain the ability to vote…. Many of the detailed election laws that specify how things must be done are because we have all learned how things must not be done. Not now. Not ever again."

South Carolina Elections are Unconstitutional

South Carolina Elections Are UNCONSTITUTIONAL!?! Somehow, the corporate media overlooked this major story as did the candidates.  However, it was mentioned on several radio shows.  Many were very interested in the really big news.  You know, news that could have put an end to secret vote counting in America if a Presidential candidate wanted to take action to enforce the fundamental right to know that our votes are counted.

Article II, § 1 of the Constitution of South Carolina states, “the ballots shall not be counted in secret.”  Computers count inside their case, with no oversight, just like they are told to do, unless of course, they malfunction or are hacked. No one can see a computer count, and therefore, computers count votes in secret and using computers to count votes in secret violates South Carolina’s Constitution!

This is the election integrity jackpot, a Constitutional provision prohibiting counting votes in secret! No more need to refer to case law, evidence, or logic to argue against secret vote counting, at least in South Carolina. But, there is even more.  Read the recent articles (see sidebar) and listen to the archives of the radio shows to know just how big this hidden news is!!!

Radio Shows with Mark Adams

February 29, 2008 Mark A. Adams JD/MBA founder of was the guest of Al Dellgrottaglia on Ron Paul Radio where they discussed as well as guest Lew Moore, Ron Paul's campaign manager. Listen to Show

February 3, 2008 Mark A. Adams JD/MBA founder of was the guest of Vickie Karp and Karen Renick on Vote Rescue Radio where they discussed and the news from Florida, South Carolina, and Virgina primaries. Listen to February 3 Show First Half and Second Half

January 22, 2008 Mark A. Adams JD/MBA founder of was the guest of Jim Fetzer on The Dynamic Duo on GCN Listen to January 22 Show First Half and Second Half

January 22, 2008 Mark A. Adams JD/MBA founder of was the guest of Tom Macklin on Hot Apple Pie  Listen to the January 22 Show with Mark Adams.

January 23, 2008, Mark A. Adams JD/MBA founder of was the guest of Mary Ann Gould on Voice of the Voters on 1360 AM Greater Philadelphia and on the Internet. The message was described as powerful by those who heard it.  Listen to January 23 Show with Mark Adams.

January 20, 2008 Mark A. Adams JD/MBA founder of was the first guest of Vickie Karp and Karen Renick on Vote Rescue Radio where they discussed and the news from South Carolina.  Listen to January 20 Show First Half and Second Half of show with guest Mark Adams.

January 17 & 24, 2008, Mark A. Adams JD/MBA founder of was the guest of Randy Kelton and Deborah Stevens on the Rule of Law radio show where they discussed and the news from South Carolina Primary and Recount Efforts.
Listen to January 17 Show First Half and Second Half
Listen to January 24 Show First Half and Second Half

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